Digital Resources for Learning

About Sunbird Education

Education is not encumbered by age, date or region. Effecting change in education and learning is a crying need to develop and enable young people to achieve their full potential.

Sunbird is a searchable, discoverable repository of resources contributed by educators, engineers, pedagogues, teachers, learning scientists, data scientists and many others. Search the repository using keywords, look through the cards or browse the resource and collaborator lists to discover resources that help save time, money and effort.

The repository connects the expertise of people, organizations, domains, missions, and processes. The digital resources available in Sunbird are common building blocks that can be repurposed to suit specific use cases.

Sunbird is not only about using the resources offered. It is also about contributing back in whatever capacity to expand and extend it. It is about collectively building and nurturing an ecosystem that builds capacity for those focussed on finding learning solutions.

Join us and be a part of a community of social innovators steeped in the domain of learning.